Online CNA classes and online CNA programs are available and can be used to satisfy the non-clinical practice portion of CNA study.  You will still need to satisfy the hands-on clinical practice requirement through an internship or work in a health care facility.  Therefor these online CNA programs are usually offered as hybrid programs, a combination of online and on-site/on-campus.

Completion of these hybrid online CNA programs could help qualify prospective CNAs to become state certified.  Online CNA training programs may be found at some community colleges and vocational schools. Some continuing education classes are found at four-year institutions. You can review some online CNA classes and programs below by selecting "online only" under Learning Preference in the form below.

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Both online CNA programs and campus CNA programs teach students how to provide assistance and care to patients either in the home or in a healthcare setting under the supervision of an RN.  Typical CNA classes may include the following:

  • intro to health care
  • human anatomy
  • human physiology
  • nursing skills
  • medical terminology
  • safety and nutrition
  • CPR
  • infection control
  • communication skills
  • patient privacy and rights
  • personal care skills (bathing, eating and grooming)

There are several advantages to online CNA classes. These include:

  • tuition cost: often the cost of CNA classes online is substantially cheaper than brick and mortar schools. In addition, commuting costs are saved.
  • commuting costs: CNA courses online saves the cost of gasoline, parking and vehicle wear and tear
  • time: by avoiding commuting you free up that time for online CNA classes
  • scheduling flexibility: many work during the day and take online CNA program courses at convenient times
  • freedom of location: the ability to take online CNA school courses from schools virtually anywhere with an internet connection

There are also several potential disadvantages of using CNA classes online. These may include:

  • lack of required self-discipline since students must be motivated to stay on schedule
  • limited social interaction with other students
  • lack of time management skills since students must manage their time appropriately
  • some students prefer face-to-face instructional support, rather than email, telephone and online audio-video support options
  • technical issues may be challenges for some (internet, internet speed, complex internet conferencing etc).

You should check that the school and/or courses selected are accredited and state approved.  See the Certification page on this site for more details and information about the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program.

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