What are the steps for a CNA career?  Use this site and other references to learn CNA career steps by researching the job description and duties, education, skills, schools, training, certification and licensing requirements.

Step 1: High School Preparation

Get your high school diploma or GED.  If you are in high school and know you are interested in a CNA career  you can prepare by taking certain courses. Some helpful courses include biology, anatomy, health, physiology and psychology.  You might also consider participating in any "shadow" programs to follow a practicing CNA in a local hospital.

Step 2: Learn About Local Regulations and Requirements

Requirements for CNAs   vary by state so check with your state before you embark on a training program.

Step 3. Enroll in and complete a state approved education program.

Complete a state approved education program learn the basic principles of nursing and complete supervised clinical work. These programs are found in high schools, community colleges, vocational and technical schools, hospitals, and nursing homes. Be prepared to pass a background check and drug test, either when applying to the program or before taking your CNA exam. You may also have to  acquire CPR certification before or during the program and meet health requirements (tuberculosis screening and proof of vaccinations). For more details visit the CNA Schools and CNA Training pages on this site.

Step 4: Apply to and Pass Your State Certification Exam

When you your state-required education, nursing assistants take a competency exam for CNA certification. Assistants who complete a minimum of 75 hours of state-approved training and pass a competency evaluation are known as certified nurse assistants or CNAs.  For more details visit the CNA Certification page on this site.

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